01 Traineeship & Dual Studies

Traineeship & Dual Studies

Your time at School is finished. Now you want to jump into working life and show your talent to others. We are happy to get highly motivated trainees and students for Dual University (DH). Get started now! Explore More

02 Internships

Internships: Get a great view into an industrial company

An internship is an excellent way to gain insights and experience into what makes a company work, and into what makes its customers delighted. At Putzmeister, we offer internships and practical semesters across departments. These semesters provide an in-depth, hands-on experience and training along with valuable insights into the company and industry it’s in. These have proved to be great launching grounds for several superstars in the business. APPLY NOW

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03 We’re building the world and your career!

We’re building the world and your career!

At Putzmeister, we are literally helping shape the modern world around us. We are constantly evolving, developing, discovering new boundaries, and improving our products and services to help build even more legendary structures. For this we need people. With the worldwide growth of the construction industry, we’re looking for folks with a passion for innovation. Rest assured, working with the global leader in the concrete placing industry is going to be anything but boring. APPLY NOW

04 Awards

Putzmeister: A winning company

Over the years, Putzmeister has gained steady global recognition for being one of the finest companies to work for. We received the Focus Award for Top National Employer in 2016 and 2017. In 2015 and 2016, we also won the Corporate Health Award Excellence Seal, and were recognized as one of the best training companies in Germany. But what we really crave aren’t these awards, but instead the continued trust and faith of our customers, who have made us the world’s leading brand in this sector, year after year. Putzmeister Awards

05 Career Management & Benefits

Careers: Going up just like the skyscrapers we help to build

Every organization claims their people are their finest resource. We do too. But we live the credo. We are entirely-professionally managed and run, and there is no glass ceiling for anyone’s rise with us. We reward your performance. Starting with a competitive pay, benefits package and adding to it the health benefits, target-oriented training, individual support, flexible timings and time accounts. Grow with your tasks and with us.

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06 Many People, one culture

Many People, one culture

3.000 people across 90 countries on 6 continents can be a challenging mix. But at Putzmeister it is an orchestra that works and plays in symphony. If the core of Putzmeister is its team then the core of the team is our culture. A culture that is equal and equitable, and that doesn’t distinguish on anything except execution and performance. At the root of this culture are our comprehensive, hands on training - not just in our technologies and solutions, but also in how to think them up together, and how to implement them for a customer consistently with high quality.